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the lottoed site can use old lottery numbers we call it as lottoed to calculate and simulate the future drawing.
 Looking to the future drawing from the past.

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Some example lotto in the World.


Total balls Draw Extra Mega

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60 6 . . Brazil

53 5 1 1~42 USA

52 5 1 1~52 USA

49 6 . . Turkey, Greece, Malaysia, New Jersey, Canadian, Spain

49 6 1 . Taiwan, French, South Africa

48 6 . . Brazil

47 6 . . Hong Kong

47 5 1 1~27 USA

45 6 - - Swiss, Singapore, Colombia

42 6 . . Belium, Irish, Malaysia

40 6     New Zealand, Ghana, Louisiana USA

38 6 1 1~8 Taiwan

25 5 . . Mexico

.Must be 18 or older to play.


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